February 25, 2010

Drifter Pale Ale

Style - Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 5.7% (12oz bottle)

At first glance:
Another brew from the Widmer Bros. team, I already like their Hefeweizen, so this was naturally one to try.

At first nose:
This pale ale has got a rather sweet scent to it, almost fruity like say; with the intensity of a Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat (look for that review to come), but no, not cherry, more of a citrus feel.

At first taste:
A gentle bitter, nothing too harsh on the palette, could easily be your first beer of the night and you'd hardly wince at it. As far as a pale ale, it's on the lighter side of bitter. The citrus tones carry over nicely. I could see having one or four of these with a nice Lemon Salmon dinner.

Nothing to write home to mom about, it's light, fruity and not a bit unpleasant.

Upon further inspection:
With a generous ABV, you will definitely get what you pay for; after all, we are in a recession. A few of these will rosy up your cheeks, and you won't have the ability to be upset.

Other Notes:
My bottle cap said something underneath, but I could hardly read it. I want to say "A PROST - To Sleeping In!" If so, I say HUZZAH!

Thanks be to Saul, for his generous donation.

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