March 3, 2010

Moosbacher Weissbier

Brewer - Moosebacher - Bavaria, Germany
Style - Wheat Beer/Weissbier
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 5.0% (1pt .9oz bottle)

At first glance:
Here's the story; this was my first visit to Stuffed Sandwich (the #9 place to drink a beer in the US, as according to I could probably just do a separate write-up on that place, easily. Ok, I will. Well, when I stepped in, I ordered my food (Whole Pastrami, Pickles and cup of Cheeseburger Soup) then talked to Marlene about what I wanted to drink. They have over 700 beers to choose from, so I asked for something to go with my food. She recommended a wheat beer, and I said I want something that I've never seen before. So it begins...

At first nose:
This wheat beer had a great sweet scent to it, almost reminded me of an apple cider. I couldn't pull my nose out of it, but had to have that first taste. Let's get to that.

At first taste:
After my pour, I had to sit tight, through lots of head. I nosed it a bit more and finally got my first taste. It was well worth the wait. If there is one word for Moosbacher Weissbier, it would be "smooth", this beer is smooth as can be, so generously smooth, it went down like water (though, not in the taste department, of course).

Light, unobtrusive, lends well to a meal. I can even see a brew like this going well with dessert, as it doesn't interfere with what you eat.

Upon further inspection:
This wheat beer feels lighter than a lot of the domestic wheat brews, that makes me surprised that Moosbacher also provides a light version of this beer. Serve this bottle cold, with an equally cold glass, still this will be enjoyable getting towards room temperature.

Other Notes:
It has a generous amount of rich, dark sediment at the bottom of the glass. That'll let you know you'd picked a worthy brew.

Check out Stuffed Sandwich, I guarantee you'll love it.

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