October 6, 2012

Sprecher Brewmaster's Premium Reserve Dopple Bock Aged In Oak Bourbon Barrels

Brewer - Sprecher
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 9.0% (1L bottle)

At first glance:
Golden wax sealed hinge capped bottle with a great olden-timey feeling label. Hand numbered in gold marker #9246.

At first nose:
Huge presence of bourbon with a great chocolate whiff. Really worth huffing.

At first taste:
Malty, chocolatey with a bourbony linger - almost mocha-like.

The malt and bourbon really stick around on my tongue, but then again - this is a liter bottle and I haven't really stopped drinking. Things are getting fuzzy.
Upon further inspection: It's heavy with the 9.0%, but drinkable in viscosity as it's not too thick.

Other Notes:
Aged this bottle about a year, think it added a bit of mocha flavor to it.

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