March 14, 2010

D. Carnegie & Co. Argang 2004 Stark Porter

Brewer - D. Carnegie & Co. - Stockholm, Sweeden
Style - Baltic Porter
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 5.5% (1pt .9oz bottle)

At first glance:
Here's the story; this was another trip to Stuffed Sandwich (the #9 place to drink a beer in the US, as according to, as Chris said before, we could do and whole article just on the place, hell most of my reviews are going to come from here. Anyway, this beer is the beer that inspired this weblog, so please forgive anything I leave out as I didn't really have a structure to go by. So back to the beer, after ordering a delicious french dip, I asked Sam for a nice porter and this is what he gave me.

At first nose:
It had a smokey nose to it with hints of coffee and maybe chocolate. A nice complement to the sandwich.

At first taste:
I didn't bring a glass, which I need to remind myself to do from now on, so I drank it straight from the bottle. It was strong, a little bitter with a solid coffee taste. It's a little more of a coffee note than i like, but it did go down rather smoothly.

With as strong as the nose and taste was it had a surprisingly light aftertaste of coffee and a little chocolate, a very good complement to the sandwich.

Upon further inspection:
A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it. Next time though, I'm bringing a glass so I can see the color and the head instead of drinking straight out of the bottle.

Other Notes:
I googled what "Argang 2004," turns out "argang" is Sweedish for "vintage." Not bad for a six year old beer. I know that the picture is of a '97, but its the best one i could find online.

Check out Stuffed Sandwich, I guarantee you'll love it.

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