March 14, 2010

Aktienbraueri Kaufbeuren Jubiläums Pils 1907

Brewer - Aktienbraueri Kaufbeuren - Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany
Style - Pilsner
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 4.9% (1pt .9oz bottle)

At first glance:
The second beer of the day at Stuffed Sandwich. After finishing my meal I asked Marlene for something on the light side to wash it all down with, and here is what I got. Its your classic German pilsner, not unlike a Budweiser, a style of beer which is known for its crisp and clean taste. Again not having a glass it was drank from the bottle so I'm guessing the color and head were of a very light golden hue.

At first nose:
It had a nice slight floral nose to it, a vast contrast to that of the porter. I didn't pick up on much else.

At first taste:
Wow, this beer is crisp and clean. It is almost tasteless but in the best way possible. Its exactly what I was looking for to wash down my heavy meal of french dip and porter.

There isn't one. It leaves the mouth feeling refreshed and clean, but wanting another drink.

Upon further inspection:
Not much. This is the kind of beer you would want to drink on a nice hot day to get refreshed. Though a bit low on the ABV index, it goes down so smooth you may find yourself quickly buzzed if you can get yourself a hold of a 12-pack.

Other Notes:
I think this may be my go to beer at the end of a Stuffed Sandwich visit. It was well worth it and the perfect recommendation from Marlene to wash everything down with.

Once again, check out Stuffed Sandwich, I guarantee you'll love it.

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