April 11, 2010

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale 2009-2010

Brewer - Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale 2009-2010

Style - English Ale/Winter Warmer
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 6.0% (1pt 2.7oz bottle)

At first glance:
After deciding to cellar my Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine, I went on a search for a new beer for the night. After going to 4 different liquor stores near my house I finally found a one with something other than your standard beer fare. The label caught my eye so this one it was. I got it home and poured it in a pint glass to take a look at it. It was a nice bright copper color with a light tan, very clingy head.

At first nose:
I don't have the greatest sense of smell so this is my weak point in reviewing, though this one did have a nice light sweet smell to it.

At first taste:
It had a nice hop bitterness, but nothing to strong or overpowering. I also picked up on subtle toasted nut flavor. It's a bit heavy, but does fit the Winter Welcome moniker quite nicely.

The aftertaste is sharp and lingers on for a while. It kind of keeps you from drinking too fast, which is nice.

Upon further inspection:
All in all it was a pretty good beer that would be great on a cold night. It's a beer I would definitely drink again, being a new one comes out every year, if it were readily available, but I don't think I would seek it out.

Other Notes:
The liquor stores in my area are horrible. I should just stick to going to Stuffed Sandwich.

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