December 27, 2011

Drake's 1500 Pale Ala

Brewer - Drake's - San Leandro, CA
Style - American Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume (ABV) - 5.2% (12oz bottle)

At first glance:
"A Pint A Day Keeps Scurvy Away" Sounds like something I needed to check out, so I did. Dark bottle, couldn't gauge the color.

At first nose:
Hoppy, sweet & aromatic. Upon my pour, it showcased a beautiful medium-darkness orangey-red pale ale hue.

At first taste:
It did say it'd be smooth on the bottle, and at 5.2%, I should've known it would be light. The flavor is still good, but not as robust as I would've liked.

My tongue is happy, with just a small but of sweetness. Just what to expect from a very light pale ale.

Upon further inspection:
Nothing special. I don't think I'd buy this again, but it was worth the try. Drake's says that since this style was so well recepted, that they continued with the "special recipe" (my bottle was from their first run of the 1500 series, now they have a different label). I guess people wanted something softer, not me.

Other Notes:
Not about the brew: Sorry this has been the first post in far, far too long. I must get back into this with more effort.

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